Lido prealpino: an investment proposal

It is an investment proposal and a real booming economic opportunity. It is intended to the catering, tourism and real estate sectors.

We own a vast property area in Tarzo, a town in the Province of Treviso, which is less than a one-hour car drive from Venice and Cortina d’Ampezzo. You can purchase the whole property area or even sections of it.

The lakeside property area is about 60,000 m². It consists of a camp site with a bathing establishment, a restaurant with rooms, a house, and a residential building area.

You can also purchase specific sections of the property area (camp site, restaurant etc.). On one hand, they are all well-connected and they economically support each other, but, on the other hand, they can be easily managed separately.

La proprietà è composta da:

1. The restaurant Corona del Re


The ground floor facilities: two dining rooms, a kitchen, toilets, a terrace and a garden overlooking the lake. The first floor is composed of: the manager’s flat, 6 rooms in course of restoration, and a big terrace. The property is about 1,000 m² and it is provided with a big parking lot.

The restaurant boasts of a great number of customers thanks its wonderful position, the proximity of the camp site, and to the current manager’s expertise too.

The restaurant business can be immediately purchased. However, the current manager – a real talented professional – is willing to keep running the business since its wide clientele.

2. The house property

The house property is about 900 m². It is composed of three apartments, each provided with toilets, a cellar, a garage and a basement for recreational use. The house property is currently used as a private unit, but its use can also be changed. It can be turned into a holiday house, a holiday resort, or a spa, because it could easily interact with the camp site business or the restaurant business.

3. The camp site “Al lago di Lago”


The camp site area covers about 30,000 m² with possibility of extension works. It has become a tourist destination for German, English, and Dutch travellers, thanks to the lake and the surrounding hills, which shape the pure landscape and create a peaceful atmosphere.

In addition, campers are free to spend their time in the lakeside bathing establishment, which offers two swimming pools (one is reserved for adults and the other for kids), green areas, and a beach.

The camp site is less than a one-hour car drive from Venice. For this reason, the clientele is mostly represented by tourists on their way to or back from Venice. They decide to stop and stay at the camp site even during the low season, because they are offered the opportunity to experience different activities. For example, they can plan hikes in the charming Dolomites, or themed tours, such as the wine itinerary “Strada del prosecco” (visit of the well-known Prosecco wineries).

4. The residential area “Residenza Marinella”


The residential area covers a surface of 11,000 m² also suitable for residential building not exceeding 4.500 m³ in all (chalet, holiday house, block of service flats). It is situated on a hill from where you can enjoy a fantastic view, both on the lake and the mountains. It is also 150 m away as the crow flies from the accommodation facility.

The landscape and the historical and cultural attractions

Tarzo and the Revine’s lakes lie at the foot of the Venetian Pre-Alps. The weather is particularly mild: it is never hot in summer and never too cold in winter. The air is pure, thanks to the Cadore pine forest. For this reason, it was once a place for curative activities, and doctors still recommend it for the wellness of kids and middle-aged people.

The small town of Tarzo is right in the centre of Europe. It is halfway between Venice and Cortina d’Ampezzo, 240 km far from Milan and Munich, and 550 km far from Rome.

In less than a one-hour car drive you can visit Venice and have a gondola ride, or ski in the mountains of Cortina d’Ampezzo. Otherwise, in a little more than a one-hour car drive, you can visit the famous venetian villas, or the magnificent roman arena in Verona.

The property area is in a wonderful regional park on the shore of lake Lago. On the lakeshore, thanks to the optimal water temperature, people can relax and easily bathe. In addition, they can practice sports fishing and go hiking or cycling around the lake on an 8-kilometers trail.

The beauty of the surrounding landscape and the luxuriant and pure nature offer the visitors the chance to practice many sport and leisure activities, such as boat rides, cycling, riding, trekking, paragliding etc.

The sunrise and the sunset colours are often breath-taking.

The great expanse of the green Prosecco vine hills creates an evocative landscape. On the hills, tourists enjoy visiting several wineries where food and wine samplings are organised. These wineries produce wines and typical products, such as delicious cured meats and different varieties of cheese, making the tourist journey even more pleasant.

Nature and art lovers have the chance to visit the ancient manor houses and castles of the region. Here, historical re-enactment spectacles, art exhibitions, classic and jazz music concerts are organised. Moreover, the area features a great number of churches, Romanesque abbeys and medieval villages.

It is worth mentioning the Great War itinerary. This region was a crucial point in the conflict between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and every year re-enactments of the river Piave battles are organised.

These are only some of the reasons why our property area will surely awaken the interest of an attentive investor. If you are interested, please contact us. We will provide you all the necessary information, in order to negotiate with you directly and without any additional cost. The agreement will be reached respecting law and transparency.

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